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Treat Yourself By Living a Piece of
Paradise On An Artificial
Island In Monte Carlo

Monaco for a dedicated paradise on earth. For those who do not know the principals, it is one of the smallest countries in the world. Thanks to her policy when in 1869 the abolition of direct tax was attracted a huge number of millionaires from all over the world. most residents therefore have a foreign origin while only 10,000 people are local. 

If you realize, about 40,000 residents of Monaco are printing on an area of ​​2km2, which is actually a territory smaller than the central park in New York itself. However, this is far from all that a similar human footage comes every day from nearby Italy and France to work in Monaco and causes great problems for such a small country. 

Recently, the construction of the project, which aims to get another 15 hectares from the Mediterranean Sea, began. These 15 hectares will allow about 1,000 new residents to live in luxury apartments. The construction of the new Portier Cove will last until 2025. Additional public spaces will include a hill and landscaped park, a seafront promenade and a little marina. 

It is known that Monaco's irresistible location by its irresistible policy attracts millionaires and billionaires from around the world, so it is not surprising that Monaco is among the most expensive destinations for living and buying real estate. 

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