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Global 8000
For People Who Value
Their Time And Comfort

As they say, time is money. This characterizes not one successful person. For whom this unique model from Bombardier is designed. Let's take a look at the Global 8000, which can be defined as traveling for really demanding people who can enjoy their moments between moving to business meetings or traveling to relax. 

It should all start onboard the plane. The Global 8000 has been designed with the utmost focus on visionary cab design. The aim of the engineers was to maximize the comfort and productivity of passengers on long flights. 

The unique design has allowed an almost unlimited configuration of space to be the perfect mirror of your personality. This remarkable flexibility also extends to the meticulously crafted furnishing options designed to enhance and personalize each living space. The Global 8000, thanks to its range, allows its owner to combine the most populated places of its journey. In saving these things, you save time that is so important. 

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