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Robert F Smith is Chairman and CEO of the Vista Equity Partners investment group. Robert is a truly successful person, his property value is estimated at $ 5 billion. In Forbes magazine, ranking 400 richest Americans, ranked # 131 and is richer than Michael Jordan or founder of the television network BET - Bob Johnson. If someone begins to give life advice and advice on how to be a successful person who has built a huge empire, get attention. We have a few types for you from Robert.

Become a specialist in your work

"The most important thing you can do as a young person is to become an expert. Nothing will replace reality if you're the best at what you do. "obert grew up during the era of segregation and was, so to speak, shaped by the school system. During high school, he was excellent in computer science, which led him to contact Boll Labs, where he contacted her about the summer internship.

Smith didn't give up, of course. He called them regularly every week for five months. They began to reject it and eventually ignored it, but after one of the older students showed up, he was given the opportunity. He was steadfast and hardworking from the start, and whenever it was time to assert himself, he took the chance and used it.

Make something your own

"I founded Vista because I knew no private investment company would hire me. I knew what they were looking for ... so I created my own business. " After graduating from Columbia Business School in 1994, Smith found a job at Goldman Sachs, which focused on technology mergers and acquisitions. He worked tirelessly for 6 years but eventually dared to do business on his own. To this day, Smith recalls the days when no private investment firm considered him a suitable candidate. It wasn't a pleasant feeling.

However, 2000 came and Smith dared to launch his own investment firm focused on the software and technology segment. The fact that he himself, a double Ivy-League graduate and a master in business, could run into obstacles, points out that even if one is qualified, he has to make his own path to fulfill his vision. In recent years, Smith's company has generated sales of more than $ 26 billion and is considered one of the best publicly traded companies in the country. Robert F. Smith is one of the richest African-American billionaires in the world today, thanks to his own merits.

It is important that one knows that everyone can succeed if they are persistent, trying to bring something innovative to society.
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