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Pharrell Williams Created A Perfect
Collaboration With Richard Mille

All the media was informed about Pharrell Williams's collaboration with Richard Mille. Their collaboration has created a work worthy of a master of science, which might have come from the collaboration of the Gifted Clockworker and a leading watch manufacturer. 

The news was revealed this week that the multi-hyphenate creator had collaborated with the ultra-luxe watch label Richard Mille on a model called the “RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams.” Only 30 are to be made, and each will cost $969,000. During an interview at the Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club in Miami Beach, word had started to get around. Williams briefly interrupted the conversation to say: “Quavo just texted. He wants the watch.”  

But let's get it right, Astronaut's face standing on Mars, looking down. Face is rendered in an intricate process between an engraver, an enamel specialist and a painter; the Red Planet’s surface shimmers with red gold; diamonds stand in as helmet-situated floodlights, and all of this, hyper-miniaturized to fit on the wrist, is encased by a fortified material called Cermet (which blends titanium and ceramic). It does look like a semi-homage to Daft Punk’s retro-futuristic rocketeer masks. 

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