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Gifts That Will Please
Your Man Under
The Christman Tree

Some have already run shopping lists and do not want to leave anything at the last minute. There are also those who do not make it hard and buy gifts a few days before. With a huge amount of advertising trying to literally force you to buy products, many times you can't choose, especially if it's a gift for your male half. Yes, giving him socks is ok, but let's try to look at it together and maybe you will find a few of our presents as great ideas for yours. 

A Standout Shaver 

worse than an unkempt beard? A badly-maintained one, resplendent with scorched patches, uneven hairs and stray stragglers. Granted, the model names usually sound like sports cars, but that’s because the electric shaver is the Aventador of the grooming world with a head that can flex in all different directions whether wet or dry, long or short 

A Simple Bangle 

Now that Mr T no longer the poster boy for men’s jewellery, the market is on the up. However, we’d still pity the fool who attempts to dive in head first. Get him started with a simple bangle that keeps his appendage on point without straying into fancy dress territory 

A Traditional Shaving Set 

Whether it’s the nine-to-five or just personal preference that commands a fresh face, it shouldn’t be done without the right kit. A proper shaving set includes a double edge razor and a real badger hair shaving brushthe only way to get some foam on those cheeks 

Stainless Steel Knives 

In a great line taken from Kill Bill: “You might not be able to fight like a samurai, but you can at least fry like a samurai”. Okay, so it wasdie”. But presuming he’s more kitchen dojo than kung fu master, channel the Land Of The Rising Sun with a Japanese kitchen knife instead 

We believe that these gifts attracted you as much as we did. It is necessary to realize that the whole essence is not about giving each other gifts, it is about giving each other together.

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