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The $kull, A legend From
Philipp Plein Was Born

A legend was born. These words have been mentioned several times in connection with various artists, creators, and famous people. We could put these words at the beginning of this article because we think that a legend has been born for its talent in the History of Fashion and Beauty. We are talking about the unmistakable Philipp Plein. 

Philipp Plein expanded his personality and entered the world of fragrance. It is a long-awaited step we should have waited for, as Philipp said: "Years ago, I dreamed of launching and perfume, I just wanted to wait for the right moment and find the right partners." This tag should be independent. Philipp Plein Parfums will be a new company headquartered in Geneva to take full patronage under the fragrance industry. 

Just as everyone who fulfills their dreams and devotes all their energy to the last detail, is to know from this new fragrance whether it is the presentation and the visual of the bottle itself, to the sensual and extremely passionate fragrance. It feels like Philipp Plein put the heart in it. After all, Philipp has worked with Alberto Morillas, an internationally renowned perfume master, to create and prepare this fragrance. 

Morillas has played with the idea of creating a luxurious and sexy inalienable veil through woody and spicy accents. Like any fragrance, it must have a story that consists of different storylines perpetuating a thriving masterpiece that is worthy of Master Morillas. The story goes from black pepper, cardamom and spectacular watery tones, enriched by the richness of dark woods and skin and "pleinated" by the scent of burgon vanilla and black amber tones. " 

He gushed perfume into a work of art. It is not surprising that Philipp Plein chose the motif of gluten that decorated the bottle. This bottle can be described immensely as a work of art. The gluten that emerges from the black diamond-shaped lacquered glass is made exclusively by hand. Perfume The $kull Art Edition will be officially launched in early 2020 January. We have something to look forward to.

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