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The New Year is coming inevitably, and with it, like every New Year, comes new trends in all areas. Today, we will focus on a new generation of leaders who are changing the way we do business. It is true that much of the fundamental nature of the business world has not changed much, and the basic nature has been preserved. The best leaders are always learning, looking for expertise, new opportunities motivate their teams to get the best results. 

For every leader who pushes and wants to take his leadership to the next level, there is an inspiration in the form of these, covering everything from personal improvement to leadership and brand building. Some of the best leadership books can help Millennial leaders set apart in a crowded landscape. 

Top of Mind – John Hall 

Regardless of the quality of the product or service you provide, the only way to excel in a competitive marketplace is to establish relationships with customers and build an authentic, consistent brand 

Elevate – Robert Glazer 

Robert Glazer, founder, and CEO of Acceleration Partners offers a blueprint to help any person reach his or her innate potential as both an individual and a leader. Very few of us understand what we really want most and how to get it 

Girl, Wash Your FaceRachel Hollis 

In this New York Times bestseller, media entrepreneur Rachel Hollis gives readers guidance on how to overcome self-doubt, push aside excuses, and pursue their innate potential 

The Four TendenciesGretchen Rubin 

So much of leadership depends upon understanding other people and recognizing that what works for one person doesn’t work for all. Gretchen Rubin, a researcher, author, and former attorney, crafted a defining study based on one question: How do people respond to expectations? 

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