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The Look of a Perfect
Gentleman at Every
Stage of Transformation

The current trend that most men want to master is to become like James Bond, successfully complete an iron man, and in an hour to close a routine big deal at a grand event. Being at the forefront of everything, looking perfect at every moment is not always possible. But as they say, dresses make a man, and no one wants to go to an important meeting in a suit a bigger number. There are a lot of people who have trouble buying clothes so that they fit perfectly. Today, however, everything is possible and even for people with this handicap is a solution. The solution is to have your work uniform adjusted. There are many situations where you are not good at things. You either lose weight or gain weight. 

Sound familiar to you? You should know a few things. First, when sewing your suit, you should leave enough materi all to allow the tailor to adjust it as your rates change. Not all adjustments are easy. We learned from professional tailoring that the most problematic part is the deltoids of bodybuilders. Additional material on the shoulders can solve this problem, but only to some extent. And too much weight fluctuation in the opposite direction also poses a problem. "A beer belly" that gets rid of too quickly leaves unnecessary clearance in the front of the jacket '', while too extreme weight loss leads to the amount of reserve substance in the front of the jacket, where nothing can be done. 

Jackets with two-row fastening can provide enough flexibility for weight fluctuations (in case you wear them on, even if it contradicts the rules of formal look). suit. Wouldn't it be more convenient to have two identical suits, one for more bulky times, one while you're in shape, and to save yourself the trouble and frequent visits of tailors? In the past, gentlemen traveling to work used to wear four suits, which were stored in their apartments in different places. Now they get two suits, tight and loose, to cover any weight changes.

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